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SEO Process

SEO means Search engine optimization Yoast has helped me by making it incredibly easy to optimize all my on-page elements on my word press site , I couldn’t have done it without you guys. On top of the effortless on-page optimization, yoast has an incredibly thorough and in-depth content catalog on their website that has allowed me to learn so much about SEO.

What is SEO Why SEO Is Important SEO Means Searching Optimization SEO

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Everyone wants more traffic on their website. You need to get the right words for that. Content produced based on the right keywords will bring more traffic to the website. Here are some tips and tricks to find the right keyword for SEO

Everyone who is working with digital marketing should be sure of their niche.

Once you decide this, you can search in Google about contents related to your area. Analyze the top-rated websites and get an idea of repeated keywords.

Tips And Tricks To Find The Right Keywords For SEO

Long tailed keywords

Long tail keywords are an important tool for the website to generate more traffic. Long tailed keywords will bring a lot of attention to the website. Date shows that almost 70% of all searches include long tailed keywords.

It includes the three or four keyword phrases which are very specific to the products you are selling. When customers are specific about their search terms it means they are sure about what they are going to by

Newness of keywords

The newness of key words is an important feature. When you can find new keywords, it may give you a competitive advantage. Every month, a lot of new searches are coming to Google. 30 percent of searches include new words that Google has not seen before. So, updating your website with a new keywords in very important.

Keyword difficulty

Prioritizing the list of keywords is a very important task. It should be narrowed down to 40-50 keywords. Here one major factor should be taken care of . it is the keyword difficulty. Keyword difficulty refers to the fact, how difficult it would be to score in Google search of keywords. It is represented in percentages. Higher the percentage, the higher the difficulty in ranking for a keyword.

Key word difficulty is an important factor to consider while you think of tips and tricks to find the right keywords for SEO  

Search based on the Seed keyword

Seed keywords can be any phrase that describes the topic. If you enter any word related to you business, search tools will suggest your keywords. The suggestions will be based on relevance. Besides the keyword suggestions, a quality tool offers seo metrics that will help you analyses and pick the right keywords.

Long-tail keywords are an important tool for the website to generate more traffic. Long-tailed keywords will bring a lot of attention to the website. Data shows that almost 70 % of all searches include long-tailed keywords. 

Why use headings

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